I turned 37 last week. 40 is creeping up, so...I am up-ing my skin care. 

Am I loading up on creams, toners + potions? Definitely not. 

Skincare is as big of an inside job as it is what you apply on the outside. What we take in, essentially 'glows' out. {Or in some cases, creates a dull haze out}. I am going for the glow. 

Women's bodies start to change in their mid to late thirties, we start producing less progesterone. A side effect - bloating, weight gain, dull skin, brittle hair, hormonal imbalances, mood swings, decreased sex drive. It's not pretty. So it's important to get the proper 'stuff' to balance it all out + prevent the nasties from happening. 

Food {straight up healthy food}, superfoods, herbssupplements + movement  are a m u s t. 

What am I adding to my rituals of self love?

Evening Primrose Oil - high in essential fatty acids, it boosts progesterone, balances hormones, decreases hair loss, + strengthens bones. It's the bomb for glowing hair + skin.

Plus it sounds so much more feminine than fish oil. 

Schizandra - I am in love with this super food. Schisandra is a medicinal berry with multiple healing properties. It lowers inflammation, supports adrenal function, improves liver function & digestive health, protects the skin, improves mental performance, helps with healthy sexual function + balances hormones. I am getting a little schizandra in whenever I can. Try adding it to energy balls or I've been adding it to my most beloved breakfast recipe by Deliciously Ella, maple chia pots. Serious love for this recipe. Nix the ginger + cinnamon + replace it with straight up schizandra. 

Sacred Lotus Pollen - It's known as the 'beauty' pollen + the lotus has heaps of sacred meaning + symbolism in itself. {Stay tuned for a post on that coming up}. It's health benefits are balancing the endocrine system, anti-aging - reduces wrinkles + fine lines, calming + healing. Beautifies inside + out. Plus, it tastes a little like vanilla cookies. 

Pearl Powder - It's rich in minerals, vitamins + amino acids that benefit the skin +....it's actual pearls. Who doesn't want some pearls in their life? It's the bomb for hair + skin health + can reverse the signs of aging. It's healing + brings radiance + a glow from the inside out. Add it to your favourite recipes + elixirs. 

Frankincense - The health benefits are immense, it repairs degenerative cells on the inside + the outside. Scars, age spots, wrinkles, all gone with frankincense + that is just the tip of the iceberg with its health/healing benefits. Click here for the full benefits. I use Frankincense every morning + evening with coconut oil as my moisturizer + now I've added it as straight up deodorant. Why? Because armpits are important. Anything we put in our pits goes straight into our breasts. If we put the nasty in our pits it's messing with our hormones + our breast health. Not good. 

These are my new gems for some serious self love. With all these herbs, oils + superfoods in my life getting closer to the big 4 0 is going to be a breeze. I'm embracing all of it with some serious sweet healthiness

Looking to bring some of these rockstars into your lifestyle? Click here for a yummy elixir recipe + weekly updates. 

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