This deliciously earthy resin from the trees in Somalia not only grounds, connects + opens us to the divine {as if that wasn't enough} it's packed full of some serious health benefits. 

/anti-aging, fights wrinkles/
/natural deodorizer/
/reduces acne/
/relieves indigestion/
/repairs degenerative cells {cancer fighting}/
/boosts immunity/
/relieves achy muscles/
/balances hormones/
/sleep aid/
/calming + relaxing/

I mix a couple of drops with coconut oil for my nightly face moisturizer. All of the richness seeps into my bloodstream as I connect deeper + deeper to the light within. 

Apply the oil as you wish + for a lovely grounding meditation to really reap the benefits of this amazing essential oil click here

Tune in + surrender. 

Curious about essential oils? Message me for information on the purest essential oils I use + trust.