Intentions are the starting point of every dream. {seeds}

It is sending the energy out to the universe to make those dreams come to life. Our destiny is ultimately shaped by our deepest intentions + desires. The seeds we've planted. 

A vision board is a collection of all the dreams you hold in your heart. The seeds you want to plant. It's a beautiful visual reminder that activates your brain to consciously + subconsciously create the life of your wildest dreams. 

How to make a kick ass vision board?

Collect a group of images that speak to your heart + represent your dreams. Shapes. Words. Objects + Letters. Even if one doesn't make sense but something is nudging at you to add it to the stack. Add it. It might just be some wild magic waiting to emerge. 

Cut, paste, get creative {or not}. Make an aesthetically pleasing board + put it somewhere you will see it  e v e r y  s i n g l e  d a y. And work, take a small step everyday to make those dreams, plans take shape. Don't stop + wait. Create your destiny.

Take chances. Be willing to change. Listen to your heart. Let the magic emerge. Revel at the joy of this great mysterious journey called life. Watch your seeds come to life.