Weird nudges, uneasiness, stress, dis’ease’ in the body…..something is off?

It’s your soul guiding you, trying to get you to wake up.

I know your response - Lisa I’m awake….I’m reading this. Well the reality is 95% of the time we’re running in our subconscious, running through programs, cycles, patterns that have all been created from past events, childhood, trauma. Basically asleep with our eyes open. You know how you just drive the car, theres really no awareness to it, just going through the motions, the learned behaviour? That same programming happens for 95% of our life. Going through what the subconscious, the mind, the ego knows. Staying in the same pattern, re-creating the same shit. Over + over + over again. Unknowingly reliving the past.

When I was in India it was a huge culture shock for me, completely out of my comfort zone, I was forced awake….aware, however for a friend who spent great lengths of time in India the huge culture shock for him was when he came back to Canada. Why?

The robotic behaviour, eyes glossed over, going through the day to day, the mundane, not really ‘living’, just going through the motions.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t feel good in your body. Knots in the stomach, anxiety, dis’ease’. It doesn’t feel good for your body and it doesn’t feel good for your soul. Your soul yearns for growth, expansion. It’s nudging you and you’re not listening. It’s trying to get you to wake up + you drown it out with external factors. You try to appease the uneasiness, the unsettling feelings with alcohol, food, porn, consumerism….numbness. And they work for a little while, you go back to sleep but the uneasiness never fully goes away. You are living in the confinement of your mind. In the confinement of your program and it doesn’t feel good. It’s not what you came here to do.

You came to this planet to live a life of expansion, abundance, fully living, fully experiencing all that this earth has to offer.

Through the confinements of the mind you have shut yourself off from life in it’s fullest expression.

Don’t feel bad about it, the majority of humans on this planet are living in this internal prison and the fact that you are reading this blog post, that you have been guided to me is confirmation that your soul is guiding you out. That you are ready to get out. That your soul wants you to wake up.

So how do you get out? First step - awareness. Awareness is the first step to everything. You become aware of your patterns, your cycles, your belief systems, your actions, your thoughts, your words….all the things that make up this projected image of the self. Get really curious about all of it, about this projection of you that has been created, programmed and conditioned and re-write it. Re program it, re-condition it.

‘You have mastered suffering, you can master joy’ Joe Dispenza.

Master joy. Choose joy, live in joy.

Sound easy?

The question I ask clients over + over again once they have become aware of a belief system, a pattern is ‘Is that serving you? Is that creating your desired outcome?’. Hands down the answer every time is no. So why do you stay in it?

The reason you stay in it is because the ego will put up resistance, it will talk you out of growth, it will try all it can to keep you in it. That’s where it’s safe, thats what it knows. The work is to choose the soul over + over + over again. To choose to wake up over + over again.

To unravel the confines of the internal prison piece by piece.

To live a life of freedom, fullness + love.

It’s possible, it’s your birthright.

Ready to do the work?