In a session with my coach {yes, coaches have coaches} a memory came up for me of when I used to get beat up as a teenager. At first I was shocked this came up - I’ve done a shit ton of work around healing sexual trauma, abandonment, the masculine wound + never once did I think about being beat up as a teenager. I thought I had forgotten about it and to be honest in comparison to the other trauma - it didn’t seem worthy of digging into but my highest self didn’t forget + most importantly my inner child didn’t forget.

In the session I was guided to a situation that needed to be healed + there it was.
Being beat up.
Being beat up for being me.
For being seen.

In that moment my inner child, the teenage version of me decided it wasn’t safe to be seen. She equated being seen with pain and closed herself from fully standing in who she was. Living under masks, fitting in, going through the motions.

That inner child still lives within me + your inner child lives within you. When shit comes up, it’s not a mistake. It’s our inner child, our highest self showing us what is standing in our way, showing us what needs to be healed and now as an adult I can give her the love she requires, I get to remind her she is safe to fully be seen, to expand, to stand in her truth. To be vulnerable. To rise into who she was always meant to be.

I get to bring her with me.