The truth is you are manifesting every single day.

You are creating your reality every single moment. Through your emotions, words, actions, thoughts.

Constantly creating.

You are that powerful. You get to create your reality. You get to decide.

You are currently creating from the programs, patterns that are hard wired in your system. Recreating the past over + over again. Same cycles, same patterns. Re-living the past over + over. Creating your reality from what you’ve already experienced. It’s hard wired in your system.

The practice - the work is to re-program your system, to upgrade. To shift energy, to dig into your belief systems, your patterns, your cycles. To get clear on what it is that has created what you are currently experiencing.

And in that awareness, in becoming aware of your patterns - theres a choice.

Either you continue creating from your past or you start to create what it is that you actually desire.

The choice is there, it’s up to you.