Have you ever noticed that the same circumstances show up in your life over + over again? It might be the same relationship, the same workplace situations, the same triggers, the same pain. Constantly getting fired, laid off, the same people showing up in different physical forms?

The same lesson showing up over + over again. 

I literally had the same man showing up in my life for more than 15 years. The exact same guy in different physical forms. This same guy that was showing up relentlessly for me was showing me exactly what needed to be healed, I just had no awareness of it.

I wasn’t listening.

The universe was sending me the same lesson over + over + I was not hearing it.

At all. 

Through self inquiry practices I became aware of the scenarios that were repeating themselves over + over again. It felt similar to groundhog day. When digging in with my coach I was shown the belief system that these men were mirroring to me. The limiting belief that was creating my reality. The limiting belief that was not true anymore. The one that at one time served me, but not anymore - in my awareness, ready to be re-wrote. 

When belief systems come into our awareness it's an opportunity to shift them. To re-write them. To change the story. Since I’ve shifted the belief system, the men showing up in my life have shifted.

When we shift, everything shifts. 

Where in your life are the same patterns showing up over + over again? Where are you getting triggered, showing judgement?

Patterns, cycles, triggers, judgements are all mirrors showing the parts that need some love, some healing, some digging in. 

What’s showing up for you over + over again? Can you see the lesson?