There are a few areas....ok a lot where our dialogue needs to shift around young people. The one that is coming up for me + is very real for me right now is body image + body acceptance.

The amount of times that I have heard friends, family, people say to my 17 year old daughter....

You're so lucky you're skinny
You're so lucky you have long legs
You're so lucky you are tall
I wish I had long legs like you

Is crazy + I cringe every time because what we are actually saying is that one body type is better or more accepted than another. We are saying that by not being skinny, you're not lucky. By wanting something other than what you have, you are not appreciating what you do have.

And so what happens when said young person develops into a woman, becomes curvy, no longer skinny. Is she not lucky anymore? Is she not accepted anymore? Not worthy? This is the message we are sending + that is what is being received. This is blasted at us everywhere with marketing, conditioning all of the stuff that might not be in our control but what is in our control is our own dialogue. So how about we shift the dialogue to:

You're lucky you have a healthy body
You are vibrant, beautiful...just as you are
You are uniquely you + that is perfect
You are worthy + you matter
You are heard + seen

How about we shift the dialogue into love + acceptance just as you are. Love + appreciate everything you have been gifted with. We are on this planet for a short time + our body is our gift to move through this life with.

Honour it. 

Shift your dialogue. It starts with each + everyone of us.

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