It’s been one year since I left for my ‘Rise Sister Rise’ pilgrimage in Glastonbury. 

Nothing made sense to my rational mind when that trip came up. 

I had just gotten back from a holiday in Florida 2 weeks before. 
I was already going to England + Iceland 6 weeks later. 
Financially it did not make sense at all. 
The pilgrimage was sold out + I didn't have a spot. 

Nothing made sense to my rational mind but everything made sense to my heart, my soul, + even though it was a massive long shot that I would end up on the heart knew it would + just like that everything aligned like the universe had beautifully orchestrated it....

[Because it did.]

....And I ended up on the pilgrimage in Glastonbury with soul sisters from around the world. 

I followed my heart + everything aligned just as it was meant to. 

‘You are stepping into soul space through the portal of your heart, where all wisdom, love, guidance, and support reside.’ Rebecca Campbell 

Where are you listening to your rational mind + tuning out your heart? Tuning out your sacred gift? The intuitive self? 

The heart speaks in a different language than the rational mind, it’s the whispers, the nudges, the synchronicities that keep showing up over + over again, the non linear, the stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

Where is your heart guiding you? 

It might be the shift, the growth your soul is ready for. It might be the next step to creating the life of your dreams.

There are no mistakes, no coincidences - it is all happening for a reason.

Everything is happening for you. 

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