I’m at an edge.

A point in my life where the universe is pushing me and pushing me until I have no choice but to decide, to jump, to leap.

I’ve been here before, many times. And even though I know that every time I’ve taken the leap, growth and magic have been on the other side - my ego is trying to complicate it, discourage me and talk me out of it.

Trying to nudge me back in to where it’s ‘safe’, to nudge me back to what it knows. Causing me to analyze everything, justify, question - to know exactly where it is I’m going. To determine where it is I’ll end up, to know the end result.

Our ego’s love certainty, it loves a false illusion of safety, of knowing exactly what is next.

But all of that is just that - an illusion.

We can never know what it is that is next, we can never determine where we will end up,we can never know what it is the future has in store.

All we can do is take the next step or stay exactly where we are. A step towards growth, or a stagnant idle.

We can stay in our same patterns and cycles, where the ego deems itself safe or we can honour the pull of the soul - the guidance that has gotten us to this edge and leap.

To trust.

To leave this liminal space and allow the wings of something greater to guide us over the edge.