In 2012 the bank almost foreclosed on my house - my mom bailed me out.

I deposited an empty envelope into a bank machine once to withdraw a hundred dollars that I didn’t have.

Pantry parties were my claim to fame - where everyone would gather random stuff from their pantries and bring it to my house and we would create a meal.
It was fun.
It was because I couldn’t afford to go get groceries to feed them.

Why am I telling you this?

Because my finances used to be a mess.
A massive mess.

My credit was shit, I couldn’t get a credit card or a mortgage from an ‘A’ lender. I was living pay cheque to pay cheque, with massive worry and stress around my situation.

The crazy part? I had a well paying, full time job. I was a successful designer and on my way to making six figures a year….and I didn’t have a hundred dollars to make my friends dinner.

What I’ve learned on this spiritual path is that money is part of it - that there is magic and mysticism in money just like everything else and when we believe it’s the opposite of that - we repel it, we push it away.

My previous financial situation had nothing to do with what I was making, how long I had gone to university, what credentials I had, it completely had everything to do with unworthiness around receiving, anger + resentment towards money, the control + gripping to life.

Latching on to certainty.

When I started doing the inner work, my financial situation started changing with it. I healed my relationship with money - recognizing there is nothing dirty or malicious about it. It is a gift from Goddess that magnifies who we are. That I am worthy to receive - not only financial abundance, abundance in all aspects. That gripping and controlling is like taking a massive inhale and never exhaling.

Doesn’t feel good.

That everything is energy and it all needs to flow.

What does your financial situation look like?
What if I told you it is mirroring your inner realms?
That it’s an inside job?
Do you believe there is magic and mysticism in money?
Are you open to the possibility?

Are you open to the possibility that money can flow freely into your personal experience?

Are you ready to awaken to abundance in all aspects of your life?

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