The shadow side, the dark, the wild woman.

The parts we repress, the parts we try to act as if they aren’t there. The dark thoughts society pushes away + deems wrong. What are the shadow sides of you?


There is beauty in your shadow.

We live on a planet of duality, polarity. We cannot have one without the other - the inhale + the exhale, giving - receiving, the yin + the yang.

And when we dim one aspect of ourself we numb, we move into the middle - not really living, not really dying. Just going through the motions. Shallow, stuck breath. Coasting through the middle of the polarities - somewhere in-between.

Everything has it’s opposite, it’s necessary and the dark is the counterpart to the light.

And when we acknowledge, honour and sit with our darkness a glimmer of light cracks it open as we witness the teaching, healing within it. The messages as the veils peel back as you sit deeper into the seat of the soul.

What does it look like to sit with your darkness? To be with it?

The greater the inhale, the greater the exhale.
The greater the darkness, the greater the light.