When I was in my late teens + my early twenties I worked for my dad’s oilfield service company.

I recall my dad talking about one of his employees quite frequently - Larry. Larry was an older man probably in his late sixties at that time, worked long hours, hard worker, always at the shop. My dad would often comment about how Larry worked so hard his whole life, that he will probably retire when he’s quite elderly or sick + won’t really be able to enjoy life….so what was it all for?

That wasn’t going to happen to my dad. He was going to retire before he was fifty + enjoy life. Do all the things he’d always wanted to do. Do all the things he’d worked so hard for. He was a leader in his field + poured his heart into his business. Worked harder than anyone I know to provide for his family, to give them the life he never had + to retire young. Long hours, working away from home, his family. Putting in the time to one day live the dream. Waiting for that day to come.

And that day did come - he retired when he was 48.

And died in a plane crash a year later when he was 49.

I don’t share this story for sympathy or for you to feel bad for me - I did that all by myself for long enough.

I share this to relay the wisdom, lesson + message I received from his life.

Your one day may never come. Life is uncertain, it’s unknown - everything is in constant motion, constantly changing. There are very few things that are certain in this human experience + when you are waiting for your someday - you’re missing out on what is here for you right now.

My dad lived a full life.
He created a legacy with his company, two beautiful daughters, spent a year with his granddaughter in his life, traveled, explored…. but did he find what he was searching for?


Don’t let your life pass you by waiting for someday. It may never come. That’s the truth, that’s the reality + the beauty of this lifetime.

All that is certain is this moment right now, that’s it.

Take the trip. Make the decision that makes no sense. Leave the soul sucking job. Whatever your one day might be.

Do it. Jump. Leap. Soar.

Shock the shit out of everyone.

The time is now.