I don’t have time for me. There are so many other priorities, the kids sports, engagements, social activities. I have a hard time spending money on me.

These are the most common excuses I hear from women, mom’s especially, in regards to spending time doing the inner work, doing things for themselves.

Prioritizing everyone else above themselves….not realizing that - you are your number one priority.

Yes, that’s right. Read that again. You are your number one priority. Not the kids, not your husband, not where you think you need to be. You.

When you are showing up in the world from a depleted cup, you are not serving anyone.

You’re stressed, you’re worried, tense, reactive. Yelling at the kids, mad at the husband, your job, life.

When you prioritize yourself, when you fill your inner well you are giving from a place of fulfillment, gratitude + love - not depletion, exhaustion + lack. Your cup full radiates + ripples out to all aspects of your life.

Greater relationships.
Self confidence.
Speaking your truth.
Better communication.
Inner peace.

You living the life of your dreams.

The inner work you do on yourself, the investment you make in yourself is the greatest gift you can give to your kids, your family. It’s the most important work you will ever do.

It’s the greatest investment you will ever make.