I see you.

Wondering, seeing other people doing it, questioning, being guided but not sure what by, butterflies in the stomach, almost pushing the button but something is holding you back?

What’s holding you back darling is your ego, it want’s you to stay in the same patterns, + cycles, what it knows.

Re-creating the past over + over again. Same scenario’s, different physical form.

We both know that deep down you have been holding onto stress, worry, tension, unnecessary suffering - it’s costing you your truth, self worth, power, aliveness. The life of your dreams. Maybe you aren’t even aware of it yet. All because of belief systems that you decided were true at a very young age. These belief systems are blocking you from the experiences + connections you desire. They weigh you down and hold you back.

Block you from the joy you truly desire.

We all create stories about ourselves + the way life works based on experiences we’ve had. Usually parts of the story are pretty negative.

At a young age I decided I couldn’t trust, I couldn’t be vulnerable. That I wasn’t worthy or accepted + that I needed to be rescued from the internal hell I was living in. I put up walls, masked things + created an identity that wasn’t authentic to the life I came here to live. I believed the story I created to be true for most of my life + something never felt right. Knots in my stomach, tension, disconnected, numbing. Sound familiar?

As soon as I started working with a coach, I started healing the emotions around my belief systems. I started digging into the reality I was subconsciously creating. I forgave myself + others. I rewrote the story, the program, the patterns + now I live a life of connection, belonging, worthiness + make it a priority every single day to continue the healing, the digging in, rising into the woman I came here to be.

What is the new story you want to tell? What would it feel like to live that story?

Today, gift yourself the opportunity to drop the belief systems, the stress, the tension, the numbing. Gift yourself the opportunity to rise into the person you came here to be. The highest self that is always within.

What would it feel like to let it all go? The stories that are not serving?

Haven’t you held onto them long enough?

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