2018 you were my favourite.

My favourite New Years Eve ritual is reflecting over the past year….what were the lessons, the messages, the celebrations. What did the year embody?

And when I think back to when I set my intentions for 2018 at this time last year it doesn’t feel like the same person.

My words, my intentions for the year were intimacy + expansion…2018 you showed me just that. 2018 was a year of growth, massive trusting + surrendering. Letting go of the illusion of control, gripping, clinging + stepping into my highest self.

It was a year of vast expansion + deep intimacy.

I was interviewed on TV, danced on stage, explored relationship edges, journeyed with plant medicine, joined in sisterhood diving into the wild feminine, reached new heights in my business, spoke my truth, my desires + cultivated deep beautiful relationships with the masculine.

There has never been a time in my life where I could say that my most intimate, deep relationships are with men…both platonic + romantic + that was the greatest gift of 2018. To fully trust, be held + supported by the masculine.

The embedded trauma that was once my reality - gone.
The clinging, gripping, control….gone with it.

I don’t know when the exact shift happened, it might have been when I started working with a male coach, when I started speaking my truth good or bad to the men showing up, when I started practicing crystal clear communication + standing fully in my boundaries, my desires.

It might have been all of those but ultimately it was when I started trusting myself fully. Trusting my intuition, my foundation, the certainty within. Being vulnerable, open + honest. Having the hard conversations both with myself + with others.

Standing fully in who I am.

From that space, nothing can be taken away.

And so 2018 thank you, thank you, thank you - you were beautiful + my heart is exploding as I sent you off with the most magical day of co-teaching an intention setting workshop, filling my roster with clients to step into 2019 with, yoga, community, kombucha, my bestie + so much gratitude.

2019 you’ve got big shoes to fill but I know we will knock 2018 out of the water.

Happy New Years friends, here’s to 2019.
Make it magical.