together we rise.

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 Feed Your Soul 30 day detox. Cleanse your mind, body + soul.

Looking to shed some emotional & physical weight? Take your practice deeper through real nourishing food, meditation, self study & movement. Join the 30 day detox where we will be diving into sleep, self care, planting seeds, real foods, guts, stress, digestion & more. We will move beyond the physical to overcome the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that hold you back in life, to peel back the layers & allow your most authentic self to shine through creating a happier, more fulfilled life.  

We will have weekly meet ups + you will receive an email each week with the following content to take you deeper into the discovery of the self. 

Week 1: Food. Meditation. Yoga. 
/Set the ground work for the 30 days with real food, meal plans, breath, journaling + movement.
/Eliminate toxins, mental chatter + bring the body slowly back into its natural state. 

Week 2: The Gut. 
/The gut is the brain of the body. An unhealthy gut least unhealthy mind, body + spirit. 
/Heal the gut through food, breath, chakra clearing, sleep + movement. We will ignite the digestive fire within. 

Week 3: Love. 
/What softens you? In a world with primarily yang energy it's important to embrace the yin. The feminine. The softness. Bringing everything into balance. 
/We will explore love languages, the heart chakra, elixirs, femininity {for both male + female} shakti + breath. 

Week 4: Abundance. 
/Gratitude is of the highest vibration, when we move from a place of gratitude we invite more gratitude into our life. 
/Explore affirmations, goals/intentions, clearing in the body, the mind + physical space.

Detox begins January 25th, 2019.
In person at Yogadown Okotoks.

Click the link to sign up: 

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Step into the realm of your inner Enchantress and drink from the Well of the Goddess within you.

We no longer need to look to Retreat as a means to escape life, rather a space to gather a strength within ourselves to craft the life that we desire.

With Spring comes re-birth, where the seeds of the winter come from the fertile soil into their alchemy of light. Where everything is brought into fruition, into creation.

This March, with the waxing of the moon, we are to form a web and witness ourselves as Creatrixes.

Sian Marie Pilkington + Lisa Hillyer in Bragg Creek March 8th till 10th.

Investment - $375
Location - Folktree lodge

This weekend in the woods is fully catered, will be professionally but discretely photographed and your overnight accommodation is also included in the Retreat Fee.


Seeds of Intention.
Reflect. Release. Create. All while giving back.

2018 is almost over + what a year. Let’s celebrate the highs + the lows. The win's + the fails {they are equally as important as the wins}. Lessons learned.

We will reflect on what did work, what didn’t work + get clear on what it is you want to create to make 2020 the best year yet + send 2019 out with a bang.

And the best part? All while giving back to the community.

Here’s how this little nugget is going to work. For 44 days you will get an email from me with that days intention, self inquiry, gratitude, love. Through the 44 days we will reflect, release + create what is ready to emerge…. + each day I get to give back to the community through random acts of kindness, compassion, love + gratitude all because you signed up for this gem.

The cost of the 44 days is $44.44 with $22.22 of that going back into the community through random acts of kindness that I get to give during this holiday season because of you.

Sounds amazing right? I am so excited to get to sprinkle seeds of love all over this beautiful time of year.

Let’s reflect, release, create, give + plant some seeds of love + sweet intentions.

We begin November 8th + end on the winter solstice.

You with me?

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Radiance - Connecting to the Goddess within.

Radiance is a 7 week in person program where we will meet weekly in circle, in sisterhood, in ceremony + journey through belief systems, creativity, receiving + boundaries. Setting intentions, revealing desires, connecting to the chakras. Peeling through the layers to reveal the truth that resides deep within. The focus through the program is to connect to the heart space + the truest essence of you.

We will gather weekly. Sessions will vary + might include sharing, meditation, dyads {working in pairs to deepen inquiry}, journalling, ritual, mantra, nidra, movement + prayer.

Program begins 2019 tbd.
Weekly meetups in Calgary every Friday.

Investment - $777.

Click the link to sign up: