together we rise.



What are your belief systems around money? Around receiving? Worthiness? What is money?

Join me for an online workshop where we will dig into all the juiciness around money + energy. We will dig into your relationship with money, your belief systems around money, how it is showing up in your life, how it’s not + what needs to shift to create the abundance you desire.

April 13th 2pm - 6pm Online

Investment - $108.


Seeds of Intention.
Reflect. Release. Create. All while giving back.

2018 is almost over + what a year. Let’s celebrate the highs + the lows. The win's + the fails {they are equally as important as the wins}. Lessons learned.

We will reflect on what did work, what didn’t work + get clear on what it is you want to create to make 2020 the best year yet + send 2019 out with a bang.

And the best part? All while giving back to the community.

Here’s how this little nugget is going to work. For 44 days you will get an email from me with that days intention, self inquiry, gratitude, love. Through the 44 days we will reflect, release + create what is ready to emerge…. + each day I get to give back to the community through random acts of kindness, compassion, love + gratitude all because you signed up for this gem.

The cost of the 44 days is $44.44 with $22.22 of that going back into the community through random acts of kindness that I get to give during this holiday season because of you.

Sounds amazing right? I am so excited to get to sprinkle seeds of love all over this beautiful time of year.

Let’s reflect, release, create, give + plant some seeds of love + sweet intentions.

We begin November 8th + end on the winter solstice.

You with me?