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You know that feeling when you see a confident, radiant woman walk into a room commanding the attention without really knowing it and you think ‘Why can’t I walk into a room like that? Why can’t I stand that confidently in who I am? Why can’t all eyes turn to me when I walk in?’

The thing is….you actually can.

Confidence, purpose, empowerment, magnetism.

It’s who she is from the inside out. It has nothing to do with what she’s wearing, her outer appearance. She has inner confidence, she is connected to her purpose….it’s something she can’t hide, it’s embedded in who she is and it is a magnet for everything she desires.

We all know that it’s our energy that attracts and you know there is a higher purpose to your life, a Goddess within that is just waiting to unleash and stand in her truth.

Sure she’s gotten a little lost along the way. Hidden within, beneath the responsibilities, the job, the busy ness, drowned underneath all the chatter - the numbing.

It's time for her to re-emerge.

To re-awaken.

Are you ready to connect to your truth, your purpose, to stand into the Goddess within and attract everything you desire?

Are you ready to get out of your own way and to start living the life you are meant to live? A life of radiance, joy, fulfilment, prosperity, sensuality, sex. A life of inner knowing that radiates and magnetizes everyone in it’s path?

It’s time to Awaken.

Awaken to love.
To purpose.
To clarity.
To your dreams.
To your highest self.
To a life of fulfillment.

It’s available to you, it’s meant for you.

‘The Awakening’ will take you deep into transformation, deep into the self.

+You will connect to your inner fire, heal and rewrite deep seeded limiting beliefs.
+Connect to your womb space, your cycle, the archetypes of a woman.
+You will tap into the energy of the moon and become a manifesting maven.
+Heal your inner child and create a dialogue with her within.
+Shift hard wired programs and patterns.
+Magnetize abundance and flow to you.
+Link the heart and the mind into a flow state where all things are possible.

‘Awaken’ is a 12 week intensive with:

7 Coaching calls live where we sink into the teachings of each chakra, what each energy centre holds, the tools to bring them into balance, the healing necessary to bring each one into alignment

4 Deep dive calls with individual support and untangling of your circumstances

7 Recorded nidras to journey deep into each chakra

3 Distant Metatronia energy healing sessions to energetically clear the chakras

Private Facebook group to connect in sisterhood. When women gather powerful things happen, manifestation intensifies as we connect deep to the Divine Feminine and create a web of magic.

Here’s the breakdown:

Week #1 - We begin with your foundation.
Anchoring into your roots, your physical form, healing ancestral lineage and rewiring deep seeded limiting beliefs to create a solid foundation for everything to expand upon.

Week #2 - Sinking into your desires.
What are your soul desires? Lisa will guide you to dig deep into what it is you truly desire, your destiny. Exploring pleasure and how it shows up in your life, sensuality and sexuality. Creativity. Receiving your hearts truest desires and clearing any blocks that stand in the way of you allowing it to flow in.

Week #3- Stoking your inner fires.
Stepping into empowerment, self worth and confidence. Lisa will guide you to push past the confinements of the mind, outside of your comfort zone where true growth and expansion happens.

Week #4 - Aligning with your heart.
Diving into masculine and feminine energies, the anima and animus. Identifying where you are out of balance and creating flow of the feminine essence into your life through ritual, ceremony and devotion. Exploring attachment styles and co-dependencies.

Week #5 - Expressing your truth.
Gain clarity of your purpose, your truth and clearing any blocks stopping you from expressing it fully. Identifying any misperceptions and moving into alignment, into your fullest expression of your hearts desires.

Week #6 - Visioning of your highest self.
Moving into powerful manifestation as the visions that come forward of your highest self are moved into your reality. Utilizing powerful tools and creating ritual to bring your dreams into truth. Removing and dissecting any illusion.

Week #7 - Connecting to the divinity within.
Exploring spirituality, oneness. Metaphysics and the Universal laws. Opening up to the unknown and creating a deep relationship with the oneness all around and within.

Fall 2019.
All sessions recorded and sent out for your lifetime access.

Investment - $1111.00 CAD {paid in full} or 3 equal payments of $555.00 CAD

Here’s to magnetizing everything you desire.