together we rise

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‘Working with Lisa over the 12 weeks has been truly transformational. My goal, when signing up to work with her, was to create a life I feel inspired and excited about living. The things is, life is made up of all these small moments and day to day thoughts, it’s hard to know where to start.  Lisa really helped break down the big picture. She nudged me in the right direction while leaving space for me to explore. She challenged me to not only look at areas of my life I’ve swept under the rug, but also address these actions, thoughts and limiting beliefs and CHANGE them. I see the progress I’ve made and am looking forward to continuing on this path!  I used to believe certain things in life were “only available to others” but now I understand it is all available to me too and that is thanks to my work with Lisa.’ J, Calgary, Canada.

"Yesterday, I finished a 12 week intense life coaching program with Lisa Hillyer. I went into this with high expectations, wanting to come out of this completely spiritually enlightened, loving myself and others completely. ( Lisa knows all about those expectations and need for control that held me back) I am not the same person I was 12 weeks ago, because of the work I did with Lisa. She broke down walls and belief systems, and did a good number on that ego of mine. She went through my chakras and helped me recognize where they needed balancing and how to bring my body back into that balance. She helped me dig deep into my demons and those belief systems I didn’t even know I had, and shift them to serve me in this life. She helped me introduce healthy morning, evening, weekly rituals my soul was craving. Since I am an empath and struggle with other people’s vibrations, she gave me tools to help recognize and release others emotions. She helped me on the path to loving myself and others fully by forgiving, letting go of expectations, judgements, and control - and learning proper boundaries and how to properly communicate with compassion, acceptance and understanding. Words cannot express how you have helped change my life. I feel confident in how I can best serve my soul, and others because of you. Thank you for helping me find the path my soul was looking for." - C, Airdrie, Canada. 

Working with Lisa was plain and simple a true gift. If you can, fitting Lisa into your life, into your schedule, will be one of the most kind and loving gifts you will ever give to yourself. She gently helped me to start to peel away my layers, revealing a more raw me... one with less judgement and more acceptance. Yes, she found perfect perfect meal plans that fit my tastebuds and my lifestyle...but working with Lisa is so much more. Her approach epitomizes holistic. For myself, my eating habits were not created due to a lack of knowledge... my eating habits were created due to a lack of self love. Lisa's approach focused on what I am - moving away from what I am not. After three months working with Lisa, I lost pounds and inches. But I gained so much more... self confidence, self trust and self love. Thank you Lisa for your generosity with your time, your knowledge, and yourself. You are a gift. xo - S, Vancouver, Canada


Dear Lisa,

Something pulled me to you and the guidance that you were offering with the gentle detox. 

My journey over the last 3 years brought me to this place where I was finally ready.  Ready to really look at me and love myself for who I am and what my place on this Earth is.  After stumbling around in trying to figure it out myself without any help (of course I didn't really ask which is a flaw I think is shared by many of us) I reached out to you and you pulled it all together for me.  All the elements of the detox gave me a structure to follow when before I was doing a piece here and a piece there.  Now I'll admit that I was a bit scared of the removal of some of the foods that I have considered staples my entire life, and it was a bit of a hit on the ol pocket book, but I was ok with all of that because I knew that it wasn't so much an additional cost but a true investment in my wellness. 

I am more conscious than ever before with the nourishment that I give my body and making that investment has set me up to easily transition to the 80 clean --> 20 not-so-clean.  I continue to journal as it serves to benefit my entire day.  I continue the self-love massage and give thanks for everything that my body has done for me throughout the years (carrying my son, being active, etc.) and how blessed I truly am to be alive and well.  No longer do I look and think that this or that could be better.  What a beautiful gift to not ever feel unworthy with any part of my body.  

Yes I have lost some weight but I'm not talking in pounds.  I'm talking loss in the weight that I have carried in my mind, spirit and body for 30+ years.  The benefits that I experienced during and after completing this detox have spilled into all areas of my life, including being more focused at work, confident and vocal about what is right and wrong for me, setting healthy boundaries when I would have accommodated others needs before my own, more patience with my child and giving him the support and love in the way that he needs and deserves, and finally looking at what my dreams are and digging way back to those child/teen/young adult years to figure out what I'm passionate about and what feeds my soul.

When I began the detox I wrote count down numbers on my calendar but not once did I look to see "How much longer is this thing going to last?" because I was so entrenched in it that it was beginning to be my way of life.  And it has become my new way of life.  I'm so light and happy and ready to take on anything.  

The commitment I made to myself with this experience was supported by your every phone call, text and email.  You provided words of encouragement especially when I was being hard on myself for not following things to what I thought was perfect.  The whole success of the program has me at the wheel with you as the GPS and I knew that I had to have personal accountability to stay the course. 

Words cannot express the depth of gratitude that I have for you and sharing all the knowledge that you have gained in your studies and way of life.  I and my son have received many blessings as a dynamic duo in this world and this one has been one of the BEST!

Many thanks for all your teachings and may Creator continue to bless you on your journey as well!

T and E, Calgary, Canada