'Feed Your Soul' 30 day detox.

'Feed Your Soul' 30 day detox.


Cleanse your mind, body + soul. 


Looking to shed some emotional & physical weight? Take your practice deeper through real nourishing food, meditation, self study & movement. Join the 30 day detox where we will be diving into sleep, self care, planting seeds, real foods, guts, stress, digestion & more. We will move beyond the physical to overcome the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that hold you back in life, to peel back the layers & allow your most authentic self to shine through creating a happier, more fulfilled life.  


You will receive an email each week with the following content to take you deeper into the discovery of the self. 


Week 1: Food. Meditation. Yoga. 

/Set the ground work for the 30 days with real food, meal plans, breath, journaling + movement.

/Eliminate toxins, mental chatter + bring the body slowly back into its natural state. 


Week 2: The Gut. 

/The gut is the brain of the body. An unhealthy gut least unhealthy mind, body + spirit. 

/Heal the gut through food, breath, chakra clearing, sleep + movement. We will ignite the digestive fire within. 


Week 3: Love. 

/What softens you? In a world with primarily yang energy it's important to embrace the yin. The feminine. The softness. Bringing everything into balance. 

/We will explore love languages, the heart chakra, elixirs, femininity {for both male + female} shakti + breath. 


Week 4: Abundance. 

/Gratitude is of the highest vibration, when we move from a place of gratitude we invite more gratitude into our life. 

/Explore affirmations, goals/intentions, clearing in the body, the mind + physical space.