The Enchantress is the archetype that we land in after our full moon, post ovulation. After the internal flames have brought everything to life, into illumination, after the heat of the summer.

She is the descent into darkness, the waning moon, the waters of the west. We meet here every month before our bleed when grief steps in, anger, rage, passion. When emotions are heightened and we stand fully in our darkness, in our shadow side.

Gaia arrives into her enchantress with the turning of the wheel at the autumn equinox, when the leaves start to fall and the days get shorter. When the earth ushers us into this time of retreat, of going within….slowly guiding us into the full darkness of the winter.

We journey through the four archetypes each month but as everything in life is cycles within cycles - a spiralling path, we also land fully into each archetype for chunks of time.

Menarche ushers us into the Maiden.
Birth of a child or creations ushers us into the Mother.
Loss, death, children leaving the nest ushers us into the Wild Woman/Enchantress.
Menopause ushers into the Crone.

And as gaia, the earth lands into her enchantress, her wild woman - so have I.

I am at a time in my life where my daughter is grown, leaving the nest and starting her own journey as a woman. My baby has turned 18 and is finding her own feet, her own path.

And with that the grief and loneliness is all setting in.

It’s our human conditioning to avoid the emotions, the pain - the wild woman within us and i’ve been trying to do just that. Trying to avoid the loneliness, the grief. Everything that is present but the universe isn’t allowing it and I don’t want to avoid it.

The ego side of me wants to avoid it, the heart knows I have to go into it.

And so I sit with it, I breathe into it. I dance, bringing movement into the internal waters that reside within the cauldron of my womb. I journal, I process. I fully arrive into the uncertainty of this time of transition and gather with the people that fill my well.

My community.

The people that are my sounding board when I need to unleash what is alive and real. Where the masks have been removed and I can be in my authenticity and humanness for the wild woman is past the people pleasing and stands fully in who she is. She knows the importance of being in solitude, of going within but also knows the medicine of her sisters, of the wombs that connect us all and the potency of every womans wisdom.

Where are you voicing what is real for you?
Where are you resisting your emotions?
Avoiding what is present for you?

The grief, the rage, the passion - all of it is necessary to fully embody who it is you came here to be.

Where are you resisting your wild woman, your enchantress?

There is a community of woman waiting to gather with you at ‘The Enchantress’ Well’, a portal of teachings to sink you into the waters within.

To fully embody your wild woman.

Join us here.