Whenever I go to England and visit my family I am always bombarded with questions around my dietary choices. Vegan, vegetarian - what is it, what can I eat, what can't I eat.

Always loads of questions and what came up this time was how they don't get honey - why can't a vegan eat honey.

No bee's are harmed while producing honey - they are just doing what they do.

I'll admit I didn't get the honey thing for along time either until a friend told me about the bee's wings being clipped.

I told my cousin this - she didn't believe me but came back the next day with the saddest look in her eyes and confessed she had done some research and the queen bee's wings are indeed clipped for factory farming.

The queen bee is held back, held captive.

We women are deeply connected with the bee.

And just like the queen bee has been held back, her wings clipped; we Goddesses have had our wings clipped as well.

By society and by ourselves.

What are the parts of you that you have clipped? Shut down, held back, decided weren't safe for you to fully reveal?

I don't like hugs
I'm not emotional
It's just who I am
I'm not a playful person
I'm shy
I don't like to stand out

Which parts have society shut down?

You're too sensitive
Too sexual
You're so emotional
Stop being so silly
Why are you so angry

What if all the parts that have been shut down + clipped are secretly begging to come back to life? What if the healing you've been seeking was on the other side of your wings being set free?

All the parts that have been shut down, held back are now opportunities for you to take off the restraints, to open a door, to reveal your medicine, your gift.

They are the gifts you've been given for the world, the medicine you've been sent here to deliver.

Step into your medicine.