I’ve been steeping in heart medicine these past few weeks.

In the motherland, 
In the heart, 
In my soul home.

There is this magical place in England - Glastonbury to most, Avalon to many, soul home to some….

it’s where the veils are the thinnest and the sacred waters flow both within and all around, 
where the goddess is the temple, 
where the feminine essence will seep into your bones, 
where the mother holds you in the most loving embrace, 
where the rose guides you home, 

it is the heart chakra of the world and when you hear her call - your soul listens. 

I answered the call of a land that was beckoning, replenished a well that was begging to go home. 

I returned to Avalon. 

I’ve been here before - for many life times I’m sure and once before in this physical form. 

The first time opened up a flood gate of reconnecting to the divine feminine, to my sensuality, sexuality, heart, to heal the trauma of the womb and to allow it’s waters to flow. I landed into that space, received it’s wisdom and allowed the healing to unravel as I returned home. 

This time was different. 
Not better or worse. 
Just different. 

It was of connection, gathering, sisterhood, joining in community and allowing the land to do it’s work - when she calls - you’re ready. Of communion and receiving from each other without a multitude of words. 

Simplicity, being.

Letting go of expectations. 

It was a week of landing into what my soul has always dreamt of; guiding yoga nidra and teaching yoga in my soul home, of witnessing the medicine of the land reshape others, and to be led and healed by soul sisters.

It was a week of stopping myself and allowing the realness of the moment to seep in, to fully arrive in this is it - this is what you’ve been dreaming of, this moment right here. To stop myself from getting caught up in the whats happening next, where am I going after this - the patterns of the mind.

The constantly moving on to the next thing. 

The mind will do that if we allow it, it will get so caught up in everything else that we miss the moments we’ve been dreaming of. We get so caught up in getting there that when it’s arrived we race on to the next. 

Sound familiar?

What would it feel like to fully acknowledge how far you’ve come? 

To land in this moment?

To honour the leaps you’ve made, both backwards and forwards. The rebirth and death….it’s all necessary and the leaps backwards are just as potent in their medicine as the leaps forward.

To acknowledge that there is a previous version of you that probably dreamt of where you are at right now - that you’ve arrived into that dream. That the dreams of your past have unraveled into your current reality. 

What would it feel like to steep in the medicine of your own creation?

To celebrate this moment you are in right now.?