I’ve recently become obsessed with Labyrinths.

The concept of being in a maze fully encompassed in hedges intrigues me. In my mind that’s what the labyrinth looks like, hedges, dirt paths, circular + spiralling to a clearing at the centre.

A temple of roses, a well, a sanctuary.

What intrigues me the most at this time is that no matter which way you go, you will eventually land at the centre.

Much like this journey of the soul, no matter which way you go you will eventually land at the centre. A labryingth to the heart, to the soul.

The truest essence of the self.

This life labyrinth with it’s centre as your soul’s mission is completed, your life’s purpose filled can span over this life time or it can span over many if you choose.

It’s a choice.

Opting out of doing the inner work to release the imprints that are embedded in your cells; the imprints that will stay forever if you let them. Each turn of the labyrinth an opportunity to evolve or repeat. An opportunity to follow your intuition towards expansion + growth, a new path or an opportunity to stay within the confinements of the mind and repeat the same path again.

One’s not right or wrong, just different.

A different choice + as the end of eclipse season lands - a time of death, rebirth + transformation. A time to weave the energies of life into alchemical gold I find myself choosing to evolve, once again.

Another turn in the labyrinth of life towards growth + expansion, a rebirth into the next octave of my being.

It’s exciting, terrifying + divinely timed.

A leap forward + trusting the niggling of my heart, knowing that the spiralling path is never fully complete. Perhaps it’s labyrinth’s, within labyrinth’s, each octave lands you into a temple of the heart.

A clearing of roses, inner knowing, peace, a sanctuary with a well at it’s centre. The well a portal into the next labyrinth.

The next octave.

The next opportunity to rise, to walk the labyrinth to the truth that resides deep at it’s centre. To step into a truer version of you.

What is your next step on this labyrinth of life?