Mary Magdalenes essence is embedded in the bones of Avalon, the presence of the divine feminine is interwoven so much so that her wisdom is received in every step you take.

She spoke to us, her voice revealed as we were divinely guided to gather in the womb of the lady chapel.

It was unplanned, synchronistic and potent - just as the medicine of the feminine always is.

We had just finished a beautiful breath healing session with Elaine that was preceded by the medicine of the yoni stone. Our time at the Abbey felt complete after such embodiment had been delivered, a rose gifted to each of us as we were to start our journey back to the retreat sanctuary.

As we gathered to start our walk back I whispered to one of my sisters ‘Lets go in the basement of the Abbey’.

A few of us diverted off the path of the group and walked the stairs down into the womb of the lady chapel as we came to sit on the pews a few other sisters from our group started to assemble.

All the sisters that had gathered at this exact same place two years before divinely guided to meet at this sacred space.

In silence we each individually walked up to the altar of the magdalene, laid out our rose petals to create a mandala to the divine.

An offering to the Goddess.

Poetry was received but not a word was spoken as we each moved in this sacred web, a woven thread of sisters that have gathered many times before. Not a single tourist or person entered the chapel but only observed from a far with reverence as they witnessed something that was nothing but holy.

Our mandala was complete and without hesitation we circled around the altar, interweaving our hands as a mantra sent from the heavens to Mary Magdalene came from the lips of our guide Allison.

The voice of the Magdalene. The voice that has been repressed, shamed and hidden for so many years released from the womb of the Abbey.

Her presence felt, her love felt, her essence embedded into our bones.

Reverence and devotion to the holiest of the holy, the pure essence of love, the voice of she.
The Apostle to the Apostles, the sacred heart, celebrated and adored on this day.

Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day.

Let us use this voice that has been resurrected from the heavens be a guide for our own voice to be unleashed and for her wisdom and guidance to be spoken through us as the feminine rises on the planet and the potency of her medicine be received.