I use this analogy a lot in my one on one coaching.

A vision always comes to mind of a woman swimming to the top of the swamp where there is a glimmer of light, the radiating sun piercing through with a shimmering glow; and all the humans closest to her lingering at the bottom of the swamp reaching up to grab her to pull her back.

To bring her back down into the depths where they reside.

These humans trying to pull her back can be actual humans however they can also be concepts of the self. They can be traits of the ego that fear her potential when she rises, that feel safe in exactly where she is, that resist uncertainty with all they have.

A lot of clients collapse into this pull back into the depths at first, they go back into their safe place, they swim back down into the swamp to nuzzle into the places where everyone feels safe but what they soon realize through our work together is that they are not doing anybody any favours by swimming back to the bottom.

They are not nourishing themselves or anyone else.

That by actually pushing and allowing themselves to swim to the top they are giving everyone else in their lives permission to rise to the top, to expand into the life they came here to live and to quieten the resistance of the traits of the ego.

It takes a push past the edges of the comfort zone, a break in your subconscious patterning, a surge forward.

Where is life pulling you towards that is outside of your comfort zone? An opportunity to swim to the light? To break the patterning of the mind?

What if that little surge forward could shift everything for yourself and those around you?