I’m in what feels like my winter. My cycle has shifted and I’m opposite the moon, when I’m in my fire phase, the moon is in her earth. The familiar phases have completely evened out to the point where the inner fires have softened to just a light hue.

More feminine, then masculine.
More stillness, then action.

Part of me has been grieving my inner fire, she shows up just when she needs to, gets done only what is necessary and then retreats.

Back to a light flicker.

She used to show up in full force, where energy was at it’s peak, my garden in full bloom, creation coming at full force - I miss her, I’m grieving her but I also see the wisdom in her timely retreat.

I need rest, my body needs rest, my heart needs rest and our ever so wise body has the wisdom to do exactly what is necessary whether our mind accepts it or not.

And so she has created space for me to sit deeper into my heart, into my feminine. Into stillness, breath, naps and flow.

This sinking into the feminine can often feel like we are not getting anything done, not creating, not achieving but this embodied space is where the greatest of abundance can manifest. For it is in the truth of the heart space where the dreams gifted from the creator start to take form.

It is where the mind quietens and the heart is opened to limitless possibilities beyond what we can see in this dimensional realm.

It is where the dreams are weaved and are planted like little seeds, tended to and nourished by our own fertile soil.

Where the removal of the veils reveals the wisdom keeper within.

Our body is one of our greatest teachers and when we surrender to her wisdom, to her guidance and connect deeper to her seasons we become co-creators with this vessel we’ve been gifted and abundance shows up in all forms.

Where is your body guiding you, calling you to slow down, to sink into stillness, to receive?
Are you listening?