The amount of times I’ve been asked….‘am I the most messed up you’ve ever coached? Am I even fixable?’ …it’s a lot.

The answer every time, no because to be honest - I don’t know what’s the worst story i’ve heard, who’s the most messed up, theres no comparison - there’s no winner. The seat, the role of a coach is a complete non-judgement space.

There’s no judgement, there’s no oh shit that was a douser….it’s a completely neutral space.

I’ve coached family members, best friends, ex family members, old neighbours, ex work colleagues, junior high class mates, students, yoga teachers, complete strangers.

I’ve coached people from all facets of life because coaching is a neutral zone, it’s a mirror for you, a shift in perspective, a space to unravel.

I’m not here to judge you or to fix you {there’s nothing to be fixed}, I’m simply here to guide you to the truths within, a guide for you to re-member what has been forgotten.

A container, a space of non-judgement for you to re-awaken.