Think of how many times you say ‘I can’t.’

I can’t afford that….
I can’t go on that trip….
I can’t buy that….

As soon as you say ‘I can’t’…..you’re right - you can’t.

You’ve placed that limitation on yourself, you’ve decided you can’t do it, that it’s not possible, that it is not available to you.

The universe didn’t decide it, nobody/nothing outside of yourself decided it - you did.

How often do you put these limitations on yourself? Not only with I can’t’s but also with that’s not possible for me - great for her but not for me. I’ll never be able to live my dream life, to fully succeed at what I’m meant to do. That dream trip around the world - it’s never going to happen.

What would happen if you shifted the ‘I can’t’s’ to ‘I can’. Just like you limited yourself, you can decide to be limitless. You can open your mind to possibilities far beyond your current perspective. It’s all a choice.

What is standing in your way of believing -
I can afford that…
I am taking my dream trip…
My dreams are happening?

We live on a planet of infinite possibilities, it is all possible.