‘Feeling safe to receive is a vital part of creating abundance.’
Mastin Kipp

Does it feel safe for you to receive?

How does your body respond when you receive a compliment, when you’ve been given a gift? When you receive a large amount of money?

Does it coil up, tension, awkwardness?

We decide truths at a young age, our brain is most malleable between ages 0 to 7 and a lot of the truths we decided at that age are not serving us anymore.

One of the truths that shows up time and time again with clients is - it’s not safe for me to receive.
I am not worthy to receive.

The powerful part is that just like we decided these truths at a young age, we can re-negotiate what we believe to be true with what we want to believe - what we want to decide is truth. We can re-write the story.

A first step to looking into your belief system around receiving and worthiness is to ask yourself what is my value? What is the value I offer the world? Do I see the worth in me showing up as my authentic self, in what I have to offer?

We can only receive what we believe to be true about ourself.

Stand in your worth, acknowledge your gifts, what you came here to do and fully receive what is meant for you.