We women cycle - just like the moon, just like Gaia.

We transition through the four seasons, the four archetypes, the yang phases, the yin phases in one moon cycle. In one month. And when we tap into the potency of each phase, when we work with our body - our period becomes our super power.

What is your relationship with your period? Is it annoying, an inconvenience? Or do you receive it’s wisdom, see it as a blessing when it arrives each month?

Our society is very much in a patriarchal system where a woman’s moon cycle is not honoured. It is a linear system that does not weave with the cycles of women, the moon, or gaia but we can change that. We can honour the cycles that are within, we can drop into their potency and honour our needs as we transition…

from the maiden with all of her vulnerability, innocence, dreamscape - the spring, full of yang energy, the slightest sliver of the crescent moon….

to the mother birthing creations, a fire within her belly, a time of action and energy - everything in it’s fullness, the summer of life. Heat and intensity - the moon fully in her light….

moving to the wild woman, as everything starts to slow down - a gentle sway in her hips as we shift into the yin phase of the moon, of life. The emotions surface as the leaves of the autumn start to fall away. The moon descents into it’s darkness…..

into the crone, the wise woman. A time of rest as we once again land in our bleed, a time where the veils between the worlds are the thinnest, where the innate wisdom that is within is the loudest if we get quiet enough to listen. The winter asks us to slow down, to be, to receive as the fertile soil is tending to the seeds of the heart….

Waiting for the returning light where the seeds come into fruition with the spring….

The wisdom of our body, our cycle, the moon, of Gaia all available to us if we tap into her medicine, her potency and work with the blessing of our blood.