We hold in our body the ancestral lineage from the previous 7 generations.
When you were an egg in your mothers womb, she was also in her mothers womb.
We have the accumulated stress, trauma, conditioning, belief systems - imprinted in our cells as soon as we land earth side.

And when a women heals herself she breaks the pattern.

When she connects to her soul, the Divinity within - digs into her belief systems, clears the repressed emotions + stored trauma she heals the next 7 generations along with every women that is in her life in this current moment.

‘A woman who heals herself, heals her mother, heals her daughter, and heals every woman around her.’

You become a light that creates a rippling effect. The mirrors shift, peoples reactions soften, you allow others to show up in their fullness, to do the same.

A place for those you love to stand in their vulnerability, emotions, in all aspects of the self.

The work you are doing for yourself, you are doing for the world.