There was a point in my life where the wound up ball that resided in my womb, in my gut started to unravel.

I can’t pin point the exact moment, part of me wants to claim it as the moment I arrived on my mat for a sweaty vinyasa class in Manly, Australia but part of me knows the unraveling started long before that.

Years before that.

Perhaps the moment my dad transitioned to the other side when I sunk into complete numbness and the anchor to the ground was temporarily removed. It might seem odd that the ball started to unravel in my deepest darkness but thats how life unravels.

That’s how the ball of thread that feels like tension, sickness, discomfort, a pit of blackness starts to disengage and starts the steady process of unraveling all of the layers that have kept it bound.

It’s in our darkness, it’s at our depths, it’s when there is not a sliver of light.

The moon goes through her darkness every single month, her time to go within, to retreat, to go into her depths. The planet goes through her darkness. And it’s in our complete and utter darkness that transformation starts to occur whether we can see it or not, whether we can feel it or not, whether we want it or not.

It might take life times of darkness, months, years.

But just like the moon must go through her time of darkness, the Goddess must go through her time of darkness - you must go through your time of darkness to meet your edge.

Your breaking point.
Your rock bottom.

And I pray you do, I pray you meet your depths, your rock bottom. I pray that your thread breaks free. That it slowly starts the beautiful, painful process of growth.

Of you landing in your truth, your sovereignty, your purpose.

Of why it is you decided to incarnate on this planet at this time because you came here for a purpose, you came here to go into your depths, you came here to experience this physical experience and its through the unraveling that your thread of light expands to encompass those all around you.

A never ending thread of light that creates a web around this planet.

That wound up heavy ball of thread transforms into a matrix of healing, of serving, of rising….all because that tiny piece broke free.