'I am a witch, by which I mean that I am somebody who believes that the Earth is sacred, and that women and women's bodies are one expression of that sacred thing.'

My body used to tense up when I heard the word witch, a visceral feeling that made me retreat and silence. A fear would arise, and shame. A lot of shame. 

Definitely feelings that were suppressed from the patriarchy, the burning of the witches, from the times when it  wasn't safe to speak our truth, to be who we are. 

To claim our medicine as our own, to stand in the title witch. 

For a witch is simply a healer, a woman who knows her innate power. Someone who tunes into the cycles of the earth, of the moon, of their body and honours and works with them. Who sees the magic in all things and the beauty of the life and death cycles that are all around.  

And what I love about this time on the planet is that we women are reclaiming the word witch. We are reclaiming the parts of us that have been silenced. We are standing in our power, and welcoming the multi-faceted creatures that we are. 

The Goddesses that we are. 

And as the wheel turns to Samhain, to Hallow's Eve - the witches New Year it is a potent time to re-claim your power. To stand in who you are, to get a little witchy. 

The Enchantress' Well Practical Magick teachings have had me connecting with my ancestors, laying the parts that are ready to die to rest, invoking who I am and creating space for magic within my physical home and body all while listening to Tori Amos and Shakespears Sister. Yep we create playlists for our Enchantress' because part of being a woman is being in our body, in our joy, to dance, move and embody.

The membership portal doors will close as the veils become the thinnest with Samhain. If the word witch causes a stirring in your belly, an inner knowing, a part of you that you are ready to reclaim - step across the threshold with us.

There is a coven of women waiting for you. 

Own your medicine womxn.

Enter the Enchantress’ Well here.