Growing up I never really felt like I belonged. There was a constant yearning for somewhere else other than where I was.

Never quite feeling at home in my body, in my hometown, in this life time, on this planet.

That longing never stopped through my 20’s and early 30’s, if anything it intensified to an unbearable point. I equated it to my mom being from England, to my roots being there, a longing for the family I rarely saw, a root system deep within the lands that seemed so distant.

Somewhere along the way I decided that when I moved to England, then I would be home. That was where my anchor awaited, a stillness, a feeling of contentment, an exhale that would magnetize me to the roots that were waiting just across the way.

I would often dream of the celtic music, the pubs, the way of life, a different time on those lands. I dated British + Irish men….any sliver of attachment to what I had decided was home, travelled there frequently growing up, it always felt so magical, steeped in history.

And so I started the quest for ‘home’, for where I belonged.

The Universe had gifted me space to solo travel for six months, to spend copious amounts of time in the UK.

To go home.

I arrived first in Ireland and with a little sadness in my heart - this isn’t it. I’m not home. Manchester. Not here. Madley {my moms village}. Not home love. And so I kept going. Chester. Birmingham. London. Not it. Paris. Nice. Cinque Terre. Nope. Florence. Rome. Barcelona. Seville. Lagos. Lisbon. Amsterdam. Belgium. Bruge. London. Still not it. Madley. Nothings changed, this isn’t it. India. Definitely not home. Barcelona. Israel. Jordan. London. Not it. The roots that I though were awaiting me - weren’t there. Madley. Nothing.

Months and months on this land and I didn’t find the place I belonged.

I came back to Canada with the longing still planted in my heart, never finding the place that I knew was just waiting to fill my well.

Imrama is a celtic word for journey of the soul and my soul was still longing for its journey - my humanness just hadn't found where it was supposed to go yet.

Two years passed and the longing intensified, sadness, defeat in my heart.

And then….. a book that forever changed my life landed in my lap. And as it always does when it is kismet and meant for your soul’s growth the universe orchestrated, destiny aligned and what my soul yearned for my whole life arrived.

It arrived.
I arrived.

And we met at the gates to the Chalice Well Gardens in Avalon. I arrived by Divine design with a web spun by the Goddess herself in Glastonbury, England and my heart knew.

I am home.
My soul is home.

I’ve been here before, this is the land my soul has been aching for, these are the sisters my heart has been crying for. The longing of this life time has come to an end, you don’t need to search anymore. This is where you belong, this is where your soul receives all the nourishment it needs.

You are here.
You are full.
You are home.

The lands our soul longs to go has the medicine we require, the waters that fill our well, the ocean that is just waiting to spill from our hearts.

And my heart will forever long for Avalon and it’s in deep reverence that I journey into her depths with each turn of the wheel as devotion to the Goddess and to myself.

Where does your heart long to go? An aching that never seems to go away?

The celtic way is a path of longing, of seeking, of wandering. Of longing for a different time, for the roots that may have been slightly torn but never severed for they reside deep within the fertile soil amongst the ancestors, the trees, held sacred by the keepers of the land.

And my prayer for you is that you find your land, your soul home. Where it is that your soul longs to go for the work that is done when we arrive where our heart has always longed for is a journey of the soul that magnetizes and amplifies our connection to that of the Divine.

If there is a calling, it’s a deep knowing that it’s time to go home.

Join us?

Avalon is calling her priestesses home.

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