I stopped writing.

I don’t know when or why it exactly happened but somewhere over the past few months I stopped doing one of the things I love most.

I just stopped, like you do when other things start pulling your focus. Maybe a new relationship, a new partnership in your business, the to do list gets a little long. When all the things going on are insanely exciting, you’re inspired, loads of momentum - you slowly stop doing the things that might have gotten you there to begin with.

Words are my medicine, they allow me to release holdings in my body and my words got put on the back burner.
Amazing clients to coach, yoga to teach, retreats to plan - no time to write.
I stopped putting the pen to paper and then slowly…….
it’s like you forget how to write…..
the words don’t flow anymore….
the words don’t spill out…..
you’re not connecting to what you want to put out in the world.
The words that want to be spoken.
The words you want to share and then…..
all of a sudden you realize you let a piece of you slip away.

You lost a piece.

The problem is when you stop doing what you love a strand starts to break. And then slowly like a spider’s web other strands start to break. 1 by 1. Weakening the connection to your centre. To your core, your foundation until it’s no longer solid. To many strands have snapped + you’ve lost who you are.

A sense of self.

That question ‘who am I’ has no foundation to form on.

This happens all the time with clients, a relationship swept them away, mothers have lost their identity in the children, the career takes every piece of them + now they don’t know who they are outside of it. They don’t know who they are without the other.

The solid foundation within - gone….all because they stopped doing what they loved.

What have you stopped doing?