Through working with women one on one + in groups the most common thread I see is judgement + comparing themselves to everyone else - to all the other women in their life.

Feeling like they are not adequate, they don’t measure up. Everyone else has got their life together but….not them. They are on this constant quest to be the ‘best’ - to measure up but can never seem to get there.

Best body.
Best at their career.
Best mother.
Best wife.

Every single woman striving to be the best + seeing everyone else at their desired goal but what they don’t realize, what goes unnoticed is that all of the women they see as having their shit together are comparing + feeling inadequate inside - just like them. They are fighting the inner battle as well. They are feeling the pressure of society, the I’m not enough or I’m too much. The pain is the same. What separates them is actually what is the same within them.

What is ‘best’? Is there a ‘best’? Can you ever achieve the ‘best’?


Best is an illusion that has been placed on us by society.

There is no ‘best’, there is nowhere to go.
There is no finish line or trophy at the end.
No….hey you rocked that better than everyone else from the big G upstairs.

Nobody is better or the best.

They are just different.

Each uniquely different, with different strengths + weaknesses, gifts + offerings to the world. Each having what they require to live the life they came here to live.

When you shine you don’t dim anyone else’s light.
When you rise, you don’t take away from anyone else.
When you live in abundance, you don’t steal it from someone else.

One light not shining brighter than the other but each light striving to shine in it’s individual fullness together.

So really the only place to go is within.

To recognize your unique gifts, your purpose, your offerings to the world + stand in that. To offer it up to humanity. To be the fullest expression of you….

Different from everyone else.