The inhale + the exhale. 
The letting in + letting go. 
The rising + the falling. 
The expansion + the contraction.  
The cycle within the cycle within the cycle of this human experience. 

The cycle of this life. 

The death + the rebirth. 

The word death used to scare me. When we would go into savasana at the end of a yoga practice I could never understand why there would be a corpse pose at the end, why we would end with death. Why would death be part of such a beautiful practice?

Well, because death is part of life. Death is part of every waking moment. Death is all around us. Death is necessary. Death is beautiful. Death is the letting go, it's the depleting, releasing, death is the exhale. It's the creating space for expansion + growth to come - it's trusting + surrendering that it will come.

The expansion, the receiving, rising, growth, the re-birth.
The inhale. 

In every single moment we die + are re-born. Every single moment is an opportunity to start again, to make a different choice. To trust + surrender, to grow + expand and as humans we've been conditioned to fear the death. To fear letting go, to fear the release, to fear what is ready to die, to fear what is on the other side - because it's the unknown. 

All that we know is what's here right we grip, we hold onto a false illusion of control. We hold onto the parts that are no longer serving, the people, the situations, the experiences that our hearts are screaming to let go of to create space but our ego's tell us to stay. The ego loves it's patterns, its cycles, what it's always known to be true. So we stay. 

We resist death. 

And in that we resist life. We resist growth, expansion, the unknown. We avoid it. We numb so we don't have to experience it. We stay in the in-between not really living + not really dying. The void. 

We deny the cycle of life.

And in order for us to thrive, to grow, to rise on this planet.
We must die.
We must let go to let in.
We must exhale to inhale.
We must contract to expand.
We must let go of what is no longer serving to create space to let in what is rising.

When we let go + let in we become a vessel for spirit, for life to move through us. We die + are re-born over + over again. 

We let life flow through us. 

"To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest. To live fully is to be always in no-man's-land, to experience each moment as completely new and fresh. To live is to be willing to die over and over again." Pema Chodron

Where are you resisting the mini death, the letting go? Out of fear of what is ready to let in, what is ready to rise, what is on the other side? We rise + fall, we expand + contract. It is all part of this human experience. However it is up to us to flow with it, to be in the flow with all of it or to resist, to numb, to avoid.

To live, to die every single moment or to resist, to numb every single moment.

The choice is yours.