Your trauma, your gift?

The statement holds so much pain but when you really start digging in to it, our desperation + hurt is what in the end pushes us to the light.

It is what makes us dig deeper.

'The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud. The thicker + deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms.'

The lotus only grows in mud - a beautiful flower emerges from deep, dark mud. The truth that holds true for the lotus holds true for us. Each one of us has our darkness, our deceit, our is what pushes us down into our deepest, darkest moments. And that's when we dig deep for our self, for our God, for anything to pull us out of the darkness. That's when we surrender. That's when our body, our mind, our soul gives in +  slowly....thats when we start to crack. With each crack, each sliver, the light starts to come in + a more beautiful version of ourselves starts to emerge. 

We cannot come to the light without experiencing the dark. The darkness, the mud, the stuff that we all try to avoid...embrace it, be thankful for it - even if it makes your whole body squirm because one day it won't. One day it will be the reason you get on that stage + inspire others to dig into theirs, it will be the reason you find your why. Your purpose. The hurtful lovers, the parents that didn't know any better, the bully, the's all the stuff that pushes you closer to your truth.  

It is what fills your heart with compassion + humility + allows you to share your unique voice. 

It's your gift. 

Dig into it, unravel it, unbound it, sit with it. Love it.