In 2012 I was living across the world in Manly Beach, Australia + had hit rock bottom. I was miserable + ruining it for myself, I decided I needed a change.... and that's when I found myself in a sweaty power vinyasa class at Power Living Yoga.

It was literally love on my mat. I caught a glimpse, a remembering of the me that was buried beneath all of the layers. I saw something in the teachers, in myself, I felt a nudge, a whisper, a belonging + I wanted more. 

I dove in, I followed the call + I signed up for a 40 days to personal revolution program at the studio. It was the catalyst for the past six years of diving in. It got my feet wet, it started a ripple effect, it took me deeper into my practices on + off of my mat, it deepened the connection to myself + in turn to everything.

6 years later I am a health + life coach, + yoga teacher....+ the program that was the catalyst for my spiritual + personal development is the inspiration for my 30 day detox program 'Feed Your Soul'. We go beyond the physical to dig into the layers, the conditioning, the belief systems to clear the channels to awaken + remember the truth that resides deep within.

That is always within. Your highest self.   

I would love for you to join me on this journey of digging in, peeling back, releasing + cleansing. 

Detox starts September 4th. Register here.