Your money story is a belief system. It’s a viewpoint, it’s the relationship you have with money. It's the lens that has been placed on you by society, conditioning, your parents + generations before. 

As a collective most of us grew up with a negative belief system around money. 

Moneys the root of all evil. 
It doesn’t grow on trees. 
It's only money. 
It’s the cause of stress and worry. 
There’s never enough. 
The rich get richer the poor get poorer. 

Any of those resonate? Those are just stories, belief systems - they are not truth. 

Money is energy just like everything else. If you have a negative relationship with it, it can’t show up fully in your life. Like attracts like. Lack attracts lack. Money is not the problem. Our story, our relationship, our belief system about money is. 

'Money is a loving divine entity that wants to serve the collective, a great instrument for change.' Peta Kelly 

And there is no shame in wanting money to show up fully in your life. Money magnifies people. If you’re a good person, it allows you to do more good. If you’re an ego driven greedy person....it magnifies that. {we prefer the good peeps doing lots of good}

Can you shift your money story + recognize all of the good it does in your life? Appreciating all the opportunities it brings you, becoming aware of all the good it does for you every single day. Power. Food. Wifi. Yoga classes. Clothes. 

Can you respect it, be in alignment with it, love it, generate it, circulate it. Honour it? Be thankful for all the ways it shows up in your life in this moment?

Can you re-write your money story?