I love gathering women in circle. There is powerful healing medicine when we gather, share, learn + grow. It's in our nature to come into community, to connect. What always amazes me when we gather we realize that we all share the same stories, the same dialogue, the same patterns, the same cycles - yet we think we are alone. 

I am not enough. 
I can't do that, that's crazy.
I'll never have a life like that, it's not for me. 
I'm not accepted.
Everyone will judge me.
I'm not pretty enough. 
I am not whole. 
I'm broken. 
I don't matter. 

We all have these same thoughts traveling through the mind + yet we separate ourselves. That is the power of circle, of gathering....when one woman voices what is true for her, she speaks for the whole circle. We see each other in every other woman that gathers because we have all shared those thoughts. 

And those thoughts are not true. 

With my one on one clients we talk a lot about belief systems, digging into them, unraveling them + what comes with that is re-writing them. A response I often get when we are bringing in positive belief systems, positive affirmations is - 'it's not true, I feel like I am lying to myself.'

Which is what we have been conditioned to believe but the truth is the 'I'm broken', 'I don't matter', 'I'm not whole'. Those are the lies. Lies that the ego tells us, that the conditioning of society tells us, that marketing blasts at us. Those are the lies. 

'I am whole.', 'I am accepted.' 'I matter.'

That is truth.

That is all of our truth. By divine law we are whole, we matter, we are accepted. We are source energy, the same life force that brings everything into bloom every spring, that breathes life into us every single breath. That's who we are. We are whole, we are perfectly imperfect divine beings. 

.......And yet we feel more comfortable telling ourselves the lies. Listening to the ego.

What if you became aware of the thoughts, recognizing them as lies + detached from them? Replaced them with truth?

It might feel foreign at first, to choose the actual truth + recognize the lies but just like the lies have been placed on us over generations + generations, we can peel them off + replace them with the truth over + over again. It's a choice. It's a practice. It's a re-wiring.

It's coming back to the truth that resides within.