It's spring, everything is blossoming all around us + most importantly - within. 
The expansion, the growth, your truth, your highest self all available - right now. 

It is a wild time that we are living in + there is so much potential, guidance + support for you to step into your highest self. The version of you that is always within, that is just yearning for growth + expansion. People around the globe are rising up, awakening to a higher level of consciousness + it is magical.

Stepping into their truth. The world needs it. 

'What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have' Oprah

So true, potent + powerful. 

Since my early 20's I had been guided that my truth was to 'teach, heal + inspire'. At the time I was a single mom, going to school for Interior Design. The career path I was taking didn't align with my truth + all the clutter of the belief systems, limiting beliefs, conditioning, patterns, escapes was blocking me from hearing my hearts whispers.

I went in the opposite direction + it was necessary, it was all perfect don't get me wrong. It was exactly everything I needed to end up at the bottom of the swamp searching for a glimpse of light. Just a glimpse to get me out of the misery I had created + I found it. That glimpse of light was yoga which then led me to my coach which has led me to a beautiful spiritual journey of me saying yes, yes to myself + deciding that today I was making a change without any knowing of what was waiting for me on the other side of that one decision. 

I just said yes. 

Five years later {want a glimpse of me five years ago? Click here.} I am living my dreams - my truth. I am serving others + my heart is full + expansive.

The past five years have been a series of decisions of me stepping into the unknown, trusting my heart + knowing the fear was worth it. Saying yes to myself. 

Go to the yoga class. 
Hire the coach. 
Take the training. 
Go on the pilgrimage. 
Go to India. 

Not having any idea where any of it would take me + here I land all because I decided to say yes. 

Yes to myself + now I serve, I guide, I fall, I get back up, I land in gratitude + create what I desire. 
I teach, heal + inspire. 

I state my desires out loud, knowing I am fully worthy of receiving + the universe drops them in my lap. 
It's beautiful, it's magical + it's available to all of us. 

It's a decision, it's a choice + it's you saying yes to yourself. 

Where are you one decision away from changing your life forever? Creating the life of your dreams?

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