“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain.

Have you ever wondered what it is that you truly desire? Not the bullshit that society has told you that you should want.....what it is that YOU truly desire in this life.

This one precious life.

What it is that you truly came to this planet to do, to fulfill?
Your true hearts desires. 

We are on this earth for a glimpse, a speck of time.

For my 20's + early 30's I was just going through the motions. Living the day to day, doing what I thought I was supposed to do. Getting the degree, searching for the man, the knight to come rescue me. Working the 9-5, the corporate day in and day out, paying the mortgage, getting my 2 weeks of holidays a year, ending the day with a couple of glasses of wine + starting it with a jolt of caffeine, on the weekends letting loose + waking up with a hangover.  

Was this what I truly desired?


The truth is, I hadn't thought of a reality outside of my own, I wasn't aware of what I was cycling through, I never thought there was an alternative. I never even thought of what I truly desired, why I was here, + what my purpose was. 

I was just going through the motions. 

Sound familiar? Are you going through the motions? The day in + day out? Not connecting to what it is you truly desire, what's possible, what your heart yearns for + craves. 

You are meant to live on purpose, to fulfill your hearts deepest desire's.
To connect to the flow of life + live the life of your dreams.

It's your birth right. 

You did not come here to play small, to blend in + live life on the side lines. 

You came here for a reason, a purpose + when you connect to that reason it is one of the greatest days of your life. When you connect to the highest self that is always within you. When your heart + mind come into alignment. 

When life flows through you. 

My greatest wish for you is that you connect to that fire, that light that is within you. That you break free from the patterns, the cycles, the motions + step into your truth. 

3 ways to connect to your hearts deepest desires?

Stillness - The feminine. Receiving, sitting with the self. Slowing down enough to hear the whispers of the heart, of your intuitive self. Getting curious + aware of the chatter in the mind + consciously choosing to soften it, to move from the mind to the heart. The linear to the non-linear. 

Peeling back the layers - Becoming aware of all the pieces of you. The belief systems, the layers, the clutter. When we are aware of all the 'crap' that is blinding your brilliant light you can start to peel it back. Awareness is the first step. When we shift into awareness we break free of the cycles, the patterns, the defaults. We step out of the ego. 

Forgiveness - Resentment literally means resend + resend. Over + over + over again. That dialogue runs through the mind in constant cycles, re-living scenarios, conversations. All that dialogue - it's creating noise, it's blocking you from the nudges of the highest self, the heart. When we forgive, we release. When we hold on to resentment, anger, the only person we are hurting is ourselves. When we let go, we create space, we quieten the mind. 

I work with humans all over the world that are yearning to do the work, to step into their highest self, to connect to who they truly are + why they came here. That are ready to get off the hamster wheel + create the life they desire. 

Is that person you?