These past couple of months I have been getting clear on my boundaries. 

What I say is okay + what is not. Choosing discomfort over resentment. In the past I would have chosen resentment over confrontation or speaking my truth.

Every time. 

I masked a lot of things with humour, sarcasm, passive aggression {I'm Canadian}, tip toeing around what was really going on. Thinking I was silly for having such strong emotions, feeling a certain away. Pushing them down + repressing them, letting them bottle up.  

The universe is funny though, these past couple of months my throat has been sore, I catch myself clasping my throat when I am doing mindless activities, constantly having to clear my throat. It's obvious my throat chakra has been blocked + I've been avoiding it knowing it's been blocked because I wasn't speaking my truth. 

The universe decided I couldn't avoid it anymore. 

I have been in a womens circle manifesting with the moon, working with it's phases, it's energy + in this process the universe has decided that I don't have a choice but to speak my truth. Physical massive knots in my belly, bad dreams, heart stuck, staying in the same thought cycle....which I physically + mentally couldn't stay in...until I spoke my truth. Blurted it out, all of it out, what was on my mind, how I felt, calling others out, standing completely in my power knowing that the situation could go the opposite of my desired outcome. I could lose a valued friendship, I could get rejected, I could hurt feelings. 

The big guy wasn't letting me use any of these excuses, if I wanted my desires, to stay in my high vibration, to have my emotions in control, to stay in love + freedom. I HAD to get my words out. 

I had to use crystal clear communication. 

And guess what was on the other side of that? Empowerment, respect. Loads of respect for the relationship, for myself + for the other person. Being open, honest + vulnerable. Letting go of judgement, resentment, doubt. 

Being seen + heard fully by each other. 

Speaking my truth, trusting myself, my body, my intuitive self. Allowing her to guide me. Not forcing, not gripping, not controlling. 

Flowing, trusting + surrendering. 

'Here's what I think integrity is: it's choosing courage over discomfort. Choosing what's right over what's fun, fast or easy. And choosing to practice your values rather than simply professing them.' Brene Brown

It's trusting ourselves. 

Where are you choosing resentment over discomfort, not speaking your truth in fear of hurting others? Where are you hiding away instead of being seen?

What would happen if you stood in your power? Spoke your truth?

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