That was me in a nut shell. Victim of my story. I don't matter, I'm not accepted, I'll just be over here blending in until I've had enough liquid courage I become worthy. 

My story was my crutch, it gave me fire to stay in victim mode, to stay small. It became my excuse, my reason. Staying in my story of why I can't have a magical life, why I am not worthy. 

But the truth is....

We are all worthy. We are born worthy. We are divine infinite light, we are unfathomable to the human mind, we are souls in human suits. We have the whole universe within us. We are earth. Fricken earth. 

We are worthy. You are worthy. 

My story is your story + your story is mine.

What amazes me is when I gather with women in circles we all share the same stories, the same wounds. I don't matter, I'm not accepted. I'm not worthy + yet we compare ourselves to each other, we judge + beat ourselves down for not looking a certain way, being a certain size....all the things that society tells us we should be. It's all blasted at us to keep us small, playing safe. It's a massive conditioning, limiting belief. 

Let's break out of our story. 

When you rise, you give permission for another to rise + when we all rise, we elevate the planet. 

Where is your story holding you back? Where are you staying safe? What would happen if you connected to the infinite light that is within knowing you are the divine, it is all within you. Would you hold back? Would you let your story stop you?

'You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.' Rumi

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