I broke through a block. 

A belief system that I have been living my life through for the past 25 years. Pulled to the surface by the guidance of my coach. Dug into, sat with + shifted. 

Belief systems are our unique lens that we see the world through. Each one of ours vastly different. A belief system that I thought I had naturally released, still there - maneuvering my reality + my false illusion of control. Putting blinders on me + shifting how I see the world + who comes into my world.....all brought to the surface. 

Into my awareness. 

There’s freedom in awareness, in recognizing the belief systems you are seeing the world through. At some point in my life {adolescence} I decided subconsciously this belief system served me....fast forward 25 years. It’s not serving me, it’s blocking me from living the life I desire + by bringing it into it’s beautiful awareness - it’s a choice. A choice to keep this limiting belief or to re-write the story. Put on a new lens, see through a new belief system. One that serves my highest self. An opportunity to shift my reality, my world.

Empowerment through awareness. 

What are the belief systems you see the world through? Are they serving you? Can you re-write the story? 

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