What is your soul really hungry for? What are you actually craving? So often we think it's food that we desire but food is just a symptom. What are you actually needing in your life right now?

Connection, sex, love, success, relationship?

Food is a by product of what is going on in the inside. 

For years I filled my body with the things my ego said it wanted. Alcohol, food, unhealthy relationships never really uncovering the pain that was really going on. Sure it would surface, usually after a few too many glasses of wine + the shame + guilt that was associated with it caused me to push it right back down. To repress it...until the next cycle came around. History repeating itself over + over + over again. My soul crying out but me not hearing a single word it was saying. I was completely out of tune with what my body needed + what my heart yearned for.

It wasn't until I started digging in that I got really clear on what I was actually craving, when I took a good look within I realized what I was actually craving was acceptance, love, worthiness. I was looking for all of it from external factors but never really bothering to dig in + see if I was giving it to myself.

If I accepted + loved myself?

When I asked myself this question, do I love + accept myself.....the answer was no. So how could I find love + acceptance from my external world if I didn't feel it at all from my internal world? I couldn't + the result was me masking it with all the things I thought would make me feel better but in the end made me despise myself even more.

Land for you? Deep down what is your soul really hungry for? How are you masking it with external factors? Could you deep dive + get to the real wound? The part of you that has told you, you are not enough, you are not worthy, you don't deserve what your soul really craves? Could you untangle all the limiting beliefs, the parts of you that are wanting to be healed to find the confidence, the acceptance, the love you really crave?

When the key aspects of our life are out of balance, it sends us out of balance.

Where are you out of balance? Spirituality, creativity, sensuality, finances, career, health, physical activity, relationships, social life, sex. Where have you stopped paying attention or where have you never paid any attention? How can you start digging into what's really wanting to be seen + bring everything into balance creating the life of your desires, your dreams? 

'Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild + precious life?' Mary Oliver.