Have you ever wondered what foundation your life is built on? Really got curious about it? I never gave it a thought, I was just living the day to day completely unaware of what my life was built on. What foundation I was working from.

Same goes for my clients - unaware.

Our foundation is key to everything, we can’t build anything without a solid foundation but very rarely do we get curious about what foundation our life is built on. What everything has been piled on top of.

Through my years of working intimately with humans these are a few of the foundations that most of us are living on top of -

It’s not safe for me in my body
It’s not safe for me to be vulnerable
It’s not safe for me to trust
I need to be rescued
I have to please everyone
I’m not accepted
I am separate
I am not worthy

If we were to build a house on top of that, what would happen? It would crumble and that’s why it can feel like your world is crumbling all around you. There’s not a solid foundation.

The magical part? You can re-build your foundation.

I was interviewed and how I described life coaching was a process of dissecting all the parts of you, the program you are living by, your current foundation - to unravel it all, get down to it’s roots and to rebuild the foundation you desire from there + in that creating the life you came here to live.

The life of your dreams.

A life coach guides you in + it all shifts from there.

It’s magical.