There are a few things that I get compassionately angry about - quite a few. And one of them is people giving up on their dreams before they’ve given them a chance to come to life. Listening to the voice in the head + allowing it to take them down with it.

Yes living your dreams takes work, yes it takes doing things you never thought you’d do but there is a universal intelligence - God out there cheering you on, supporting you, guiding you + providing you with everything you need. You just have to be open to receive it. To believe you are worthy of receiving it + to energetically match it. It’s all there for you just waiting for you to open yourself to let it in.

Everything you desire - it’s available to you.
If it’s a thought - it’s real.
If it’s a niggle in your heart - it’s meant for you.

Is giving up on your dreams + going back to the soul sucking job the answer? No.

The question to ask yourself is what is blocking me from receiving it. Where am I not believing in myself. Where am I in my head, in my ego - the self doubt, worry, stress, tension + where can I shift the energy?

Where can I move into love, compassion + gratitude + leave fear, doubt, stress + worry behind?